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Calligaris: Italian Designer Furniture

Elevate your living spaces with contemporary flair using the Calligaris range of modern Italian furniture and accessories. Discover stylish additions for every corner of your home, from the dining room and living room to the kitchen, bedroom, and home office. With over 100 years of experience, Calligaris continues to experiment and push the boundary in their elegant and functional designs, along with their selection of materials and finishes. With their Quickship program, their bestselling dining, living and bedroom collections are offered in select materials and finishes, and are shipped to our warehouse in just 8 weeks. Redefine the essence of contemporary living with Calligaris furniture today.

Experience a Total Look with Calligaris

A lifestyle furniture brand for the whole home, Calligaris dining tables and chairs, counter stools, sofas, coffee tables and beds, are only a sample of what is available from the Calligaris range. Experience a fully comprehensive aesthetic with Calligaris—an ever-expanding range of products that caters to the innate desire we all share to adorn our living spaces with items that resonate with our individuality. Whether your taste leans towards the essential and modern, the eclectic and colorful, the refined and rigorous, or the poetic and feminine, Calligaris serves as the perfect partner in crafting the home of your dreams. From the dining room to the bedroom, let your style shine with Calligaris. Explore the Calligaris furniture reviews and be reassured of the quality and Italian craftsmanship that comes with your purchase. Whether you choose to visit a Calligaris furniture outlet or purchase Calligaris furniture online, your investing in elegant and timeless pieces.

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Elegant & Functional Design

Calligaris maintains a dedication to pushing the boundaries of design by consistently integrating cutting-edge materials and technologies. The result is a modern and visually appealing look that is further elevated by the functionality and durability of every piece in the Calligaris furniture collection. At the core of Calligaris furniture lies a design philosophy centered around adaptability. The meticulous focus on versatility ensures that each piece is crafted to seamlessly integrate into diverse living spaces, accommodating various interior styles and layouts effortlessly. Calligaris works with many different materials so it is possible to have your own style reflected in your favourite product and your home. Notably, Calligaris dining tables offer a rich and evolved range of modern and contemporary models to select from. From space saving kitchen tables  to Calligaris extendable dining tables; round or rectangular-shaped dining tables; pedestal or four-legged tables – these are only some of the options within the range!

Made To Order: A Truly Tailor Made Service

A home should be a reflection of one’s dreams and perspective. It is a lifelong project that belongs to the individual. Calligaris understands this ambitious concept and has launched the Made To Order project. This program offers endless customization options for the brand’s iconic furniture pieces. The program provides 100 different leather or fabric upholsteries for 74+ chair, stool, table, cabinets, bed and sofa models from their catalog. Additionally, customers can request customization with their own fabric, creating a unique and personalized home for those who live in it. The Made To Order project offers a true tailor-made service for those who desire a home that reflects their personal style and vision.

Original Designs through Collaborations

Calligaris understands the value of collaboration and the power of diverse perspectives. That’s why they partner with the world’s best independent designers for some of their projects. Achirivolto Design, Pininfarina; e-ggs; Edi & Paolo Ciani; Busetti, Garuti, Redaelli; and Carlesi Tonelli to name a few. By bringing together a variety of ideas and viewpoints, Calligaris is able to create truly innovative and compelling designs. They know that it takes more than just one good idea to make something great.

Calligaris' Commitment to Sustainability: Designing for a Better Future

The Calligaris Group takes a strong stance on sustainability with their new Greenbow Initiative. The Greenbow operates on two fronts: firstly, on the product side, Calligaris is committed to creating environmentally-friendly furnishings made from natural and recycled materials while emphasizing circularity. Secondly, Calligaris aims to implement sustainable practices in product development, production, and distribution to ensure a comprehensive and responsible approach to sustainability.

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Discover the Stunning Materials that Define Calligaris Furniture

Calligaris prides itself on offering a diverse collection of furniture made from a variety of materials so that you can find products that suit your individual style and preferences. Beauty, comfort, durability, safety and resistance are key factors in Calligaris’ material selection process. They only select the best FSC® certified wood. Fabrics and leathers are pleasant to the touch, stain resistant and colourfast. Ceramics are exceptional strong and durable, easy to clean and hygenic. Metals are bent to their desier and plastics perfectly formulated for vibrant colours and smooth finishes. 

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Experience Vancouver's Largest Calligaris Store at Ginger Jar Furniture

As the first showroom in the province to carry Calligaris, Ginger Jar Furniture has a longstanding history of bringing the quality Made in Italy designer furniture into the BC homes. We are proud to offer the best and widest selection of Calligaris in Vancouver and across BC. From their renowned dining collections, to their comfy sofa sectionals, to their dreamy beds and bedroom furniture – we have it all!

Come visit our dedicated Calligaris showroom to view our curated collection of the best selling and latest Calligaris designs from Italy. Our friendly and knowledgable staff can assist you in configuring your furniture for your floorplan and to discover all the finishes and materials. Check out the Calligaris furniture reviews online and discover why customers trust them to furnish their whole home.

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