The Others Floor Lantern

Meet THE OTHERS, an anthropomorphic lantern collection that ventures into decorative art. Playful, colorful, sculptural and sophisticated, THE OTHERS consists of a variety of hand-woven lanterns that, presented individually or arranged in totem-like stacks, take on the appearance of illuminated characters. Pairs of hand-made acrylic eyes, available as accessories, gaze back at the viewer with humor, curiosity and even a little mischief. The small/medium/large woven lanterns feature an Italian marble base, a handle for carrying, and an innovative LED outdoor lighting system, rechargeable by solar panels or cable. Design: Stephen Burks

Manufacturer: Dedon

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Small: DIA17.75 H23.25 (Cloud, Forest)
Medium: DIA17.75 H29.25 (Cloud, Terra)
Large: DIA17.75 H35.75 (Cloud, Rock)

Product Details

The frame consist of electrostatic powder-coated aluminum.
The base consist of marble nero marquina and has been treated to prevent moisture absorption.
Options: Handmade acrylic eyes, Teak spacer
Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency eec A+. These luminaires contain built-in LED lamps.
The lamps cannot be changed in the luminaires.
This lighting object is a decorative element for outdoor and indoor use and features a warm white correlated color temperature (2700 Kelvin). It has an ingress protection marking for LED Module by IP64, which means it is dustproof, splash proof and therefore fully suitable for outdoor use.