RAW Split Dining Table

Stocked in 110″ length / Buffed teak / Contoured edge / Meteor. Other sizes and finishes available for special order.
In normal mass production, timber is regulated, ordered, standardized to conform to strict manufacturing parameters. But with the RAW concept, we celebrate the unpredictable and revere the irregularity of nature. The RAW Split dining table features 2″ thick raw teak table top. Natural or buffed teak finish. Sap wood or contour cut edge profile. Without parasol hole. Protective cover included. Any natural checks and splits in the table top are re-enforced with a brass “butterfly” insert to prevent them extending too far into the wood. Raw tables with sap wood should only be used indoors or in a well protected area. Raw tables without sap wood may be used indoor or outdoors. Design: Henrik Pedersen

Manufacturer: Gloster

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Buffed Teak, Natural Teak


Contour Cut Edge
Sap Wood Edge


Meteor, White


W37- 41 D110 H29
W37- 41 D138 H29
W37- 41 D177 H29