Paraflex Umbrella

The Paraflex wall and offset umbrella designs – Wallflex, Duo-wallflex, Monoflex, Duoflex, and Multi – offer a completely unique approach to shading where flexibility is required.
The flexible arms and holder allows each umbrella to be adjusted as needed. Paraflex Wallflex and Duo-wallflex are wall mounted on a track. Paraflex Monoflex, Duoflex and Multi are pole mounted. A clever duo-hinge on the Duoflex allows two umbrellas to share a pole and be mounted at the same height, or a Multi Pole can be used for multiple tracks. Multiflex 3, 4 and 5 umbrella designs provide expansive shade. With the Multiflex 5, the fifth umbrella fits beautifully on top of the pole with the other 4 arms and canopies around it. Base not included. Features:
– Flexible arm creates movable shade
– 30° tilt
– Anodized aluminum frame; Monoflex & Duoflex R27 available in PC bronze
– Space saving design folds back to wall or pole
– Storage bag optional
– Made in Belgium

Manufacturer: Umbrosa

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Various Fabric Options


Anodized Aluminum


Hexagon, Square


Wallflex, Duo-Wallflex, Monoflex, Duoflex, Multiflex 3, Multiflex 4, Multiflex 4+1


R22 Classic: DIA86.5 H16
R27 Classic: DIA106.25 H18.5
R27 Euro: DIA106.25 H11
S19 Classic: W75 D75 H16.25