Palù Nightstand

The rustling of the wind echoes in the silence of nature: a visual reference to canes, creating light, evocative and reassuring pieces of furniture. The new Palù collection portrays a concept of small-scale architecture, formed from the relationship between presence and absence. The distinctive features of these complements, a bedside table and bench seat, are the linear effect of solids and empty spaces, and profound harmonies. The curves created using a sequence of wooden rods define the space, indicating the sense of the limit in a neat and feminine series. The frame embraces suspended volumes, made out of air: an upholstered seat, a Vienna straw shelf, elegant drawers. In the bedside table, the round drawer rotates towards the bed, transforming into a second shelf. Click Here to view the Spec Sheet.

Manufacturer: Pianca

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Structure and Fronts

Various Matt or High Gloss lacquered finishes or Wood: Canaletto, Borgogna, Rovere Naturale


Bonded Leather: Nero, Moro, Hermes


W23.23 D20.08 H18.11
When Drawer Opens: W27.95 D26.38 H18.11