Nova Sofa

Sit, lounge, lie, chill, sleep: the unique comfort function of the Rolf Benz NOVA sofa, which won the Interior Innovation Award 2014, makes it easy to transform into a high-back seat, a recliner, a daybed, a bed, or something completely different, somewhere in between. This casual, versatile furniture, with its sophisticated craftsmanship, brings a wonderful sensuousness into any room, whether as a one-seater or two-seater long chair. The mechanism allows for a seamless, gliding, organic transition from one setting to another. So the Rolf Benz NOVA effortlessly adjusts to every position of the body.  View the Technical Data. Price based on base model of the Sofa Bench with backrest adjustment in Cat. 11 fabric and Cat 34. leather. Design: Joachim Nees

Manufacturer: Rolf Benz

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From: $13,918.00

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Various Fabric and Leather Options


Shape -Diagonal Or Square
Finish – Silver, Traffic Black, Chrome

Seat Height

16" or 17.5"


Longchair: W39.8 D45.3-78 H32.3-50
Sofa: W79.5 D45.3-78 H32.3-50