Venus Recliner

The Venus swivel recliner with a metal plate is available with 2-motor Lift-Relax mechanics that allow you to meet the main needs for relaxation and assisted sitting. This armchair is equipped with a mechanism that rotates the inclination of the headrest thus allowing you to adjust the comfort of the neck. Recommended in case of cervical problems.

TOTAL RELAX: Allows for total relaxation by reaching the bed function with the complete opening of the backrest, seat and footrest.

TV & READING: The backrest remains perpendicular to the seat and the footboard opens to ensure comfort for the legs. This position is also available with 1 motor mechanism, thanks to the footboard advance function.

LIFT (optional): Obtained thanks to the mechanics with the Lift function. It is essential for all those situations in which the person finds it difficult to get up from a sitting position. During the lifting phase, the chair is raised parallel to the ground by 10 cm.

Price based on Cat 1500 leather. The armchair is tax deductible. Optional battery kit available for purchase. Allows the use of the armchair in any corner of the house, even away from the power outlet. The battery allows on average 60 complete cycles of autonomy. Contact us for details.

Manufacturer: Calia Italia

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Various fabric and leather options

Product Details

Structure: Wood covered with a layer of polyurethane and metal mechanics.
Padding: Ecological polyurethane foam with different densities covered with a layer of dacron.
Feet: Rotating metal base


W35.5 D35.5 H43