Hand Embroidered Pillows

These pillows are designed in Canada in collaboration with Canadian artists and entirely handmade by master artisans in Kashmir using centuries old embroidery and textile techniques. Pillows are hand embroidered using 100% hand-dyed wool in a fair trade environment.

We practice fair trade production and ensure minimal environmental impact. We partner with small cottage industry artisan families in Kashmir and produce our own designs using traditional dying, weaving, chain stitch Embroidery.

By purchasing one of these pillows, you support approximately 60 families. These families are farmers and in the off-season, they are able to make a living by creating these pillows. The supplies are given to the families to take to their homes. Any adult family member can work on the designs; mothers are able to take care of their children and still be able to help support their families. This allows other family members an opportunity to go to school and at the same time empowering the family to support itself. Profits also go to local schools sponsoring children in getting an education.

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