Eclipsum UX Umbrella

Round, round, get around…
A parasol doesn’t get any rounder than the Eclipsum UX by Umbrosa. The new Eclipsum UX may look the same as its predecessor, but you’d be surprised. The parasol has been reinforced on several levels: wind resistance, stronger glass fibres and better rotation axis. The cleaner design with fewer visible bolts and a round canopy that is completely flat, results in an iconic parasol that won’t leave you untouched. You hate it or you love it. In two styles, Full Black and Architecture. Click Here to view the Technical Sheet. Design: Ng Design

Manufacturer: Umbrosa

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1. Full Black

° Canopy in Colorum Black
° Frame in Black
° Matching base

2. Architecture

° Canopy in Colorum Marble
° Frame in White
° Matching base


DIA9.85' H8-13'