Coda Office Chair

Providing an excellent balance of form and function, Coda offers the adjustability and ergonomic support you need to comfortably tackle a full and productive workday. Available in two models and unique colorways. While many office chairs may seem more suited to the confines of the conference room than the comforts of home, Coda is the best of both worlds—a high-performing, fully customizable office chair with a design that doesn’t compromise on style.

Designed for extended work and play sessions, Coda is thoughtfully engineered with breathable comfort and ergonomic support, allowing you to focus better on the task at hand. The ventilated back support conforms to your body, evenly distributing weight while promoting airflow. Rigorously tested, durable, and easy to clean, the chair’s unique poly/nylon blended fabric provides strength and resiliency.

A host of user-customizable settings—from the armrests and headrest to the seat height and lumbar support—allow you to easily adjust Coda for personalized comfort and productivity. The wide, height-adjustable cushioned headrest locks into ten different positions across a 3.5″ | 9 cm range. Adjust placement on the spine to one of six positions, achieving the perfect balance of pressure and support. The armrests adjust in every direction—up/down, in/out, front/back—providing tailored alignment and ergonomic support for arms and wrists. The seat smoothly glides front and back to ensure a custom fit, no matter your height.

Easily fine-tune the feel of your chair by adjusting the amount of force needed to recline. The seat and back panel tilt in perfect harmony, keeping your legs straight while reclining. The tilt feature locks into one of four recline positions while a gentle pull on a lever adjusts the seat to the perfect height.

With two unique models to choose from, select the Coda chair that best fits your style, each with its own complementary color and base. The Coda 3522 combines Oyster and Grey for a distinctly contemporary style, accented by its polished aluminum base. Design: Claudio Bellini

Manufacturer: BDI

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coda chair 3521 bgb BDI rotation GIF

Ergonomic Design
Adjustable Seat & Armrests
Tilt Tension Control
Adjustable Height
Comfort Headrest
Adjustable Backrest
Lumbar Support


Performance Mesh
Black Nylon Base (Model 3521)
Polished Aluminum Base (Model 3522)


W18.5 D22.75 H44.5