Click Rocking Chair

CLICK Rocking chair – most people like to sit in a rocking chair. Adults and children. The body will rest in the dynamic rocking movements – and you can only agree that this rocking chair equals nice comfort at all levels. Design: Henrik Pedersen

ABOUT BAMBOO: Bamboo is the largest member of the grass family. It grows one metre within 24 hours and replants itself, with new shoots spreading from the roots. In addition to being a fast-growing plant, bamboo is a very strong and hard material. For these reasons, bamboo is the plant species that Houe has chosen for its furniture.

Manufacturer: Houe

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Multicolour 2
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W25.2 D39.2 H36 SH15.0

Product Details

Frame: Powder coated grey metal
Seat: Plastic lamellas
Armrests and runners: Bamboo