Bridge Coffee Table

Stocked in a variety of sizes and finishes. Please call for details.
Bridge is a line of coffee tables that introduce the charm of glass into different environments: living space, bedroom, domestic office and contract. Available in different finishes, from the extralight to the smoked or lacquered glass, mono or two-tones. Click Here to view the Spec Sheet. Design: Studio Sovet

Manufacturer: Sovet

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Extralight Clear, Smoked, Lacquered mono or two-tone


W28.3 D19.7 H17.7
W35.4 D19.7 H14.2
W35.4 D23.6 H18.1
W43.3 D23.6 H14.2
W43.3 D27.6 H18.1
W51.2 D27.6 H14.2
W51.2 D20.9 H16.5
W59.1 D20.9 H12.6
W59.1 D27.6 H18.5