The Rolf Benz stand at IMM Cologne designed by Labsdesign – how do you like it?

New introductions include the VOLO – Italian for “flight”.

Rolf Benz VOLO as an individual or modular sofa welcomes visitors with a spacious cushion platform that rests on a fine, upholstered frame and delicate feet. The sofa range enables harmonious layout options in all sizes imaginable. This means that each individual element can be free-standing or linked together.

Rolf Benz VOLO is available in two seat heights and has a generous seat depth that can be adjusted with a back roll for especially comfortable reclining. Choose between two seating qualities: “Lounge de Luxe” comfort for laid-back individuals and “Lounge Plus” comfort for those who prefer a calmer, more streamlined appearance.

In terms of style, Rolf Benz VOLO offers lots of scope for your own designs. The sofa’s framework becomes an inviting stage on which refined combinations of colours and materials can be achieved. You can choose either sofas with an all-over look or select different covers for the body, frame, back cushions and back cushion roll.

The surface finish of the feet also provides scope for personal expression. Ochre-beige is available in addition to black and umbra grey. The designers from labsdesign from Hamburg are picking up on the recent trend for warm-looking metallic tones. Rolf Benz VOLO offers additional opportunities for individualisation with the Rolf Benz 933 add-on tables and shelving that can be adapted even more closely to the latest lifestyles. They can be used to create exciting sofa landscapes. The Rolf Benz 932 coffee table was created in two heights to coordinate perfectly with them. With its fine, slightly rounded table top and geometrical base composition, it underlines the floating lightness of Rolf Benz VOLO.

Product features of the Rolf Benz VOLO sofa range:

  • Modular, flexible sofa system for ultimate comfort
  • A narrow, upholstered frame as a platform for soft seat cushions and extremely delicate feet gives the sofa the appearance of Floating
  • All-over look or mix & match: combine the covers for the body, frame, back cushions and back cushion rolls as you like
  • Openings in the back and seat provide visual transparency
  • Back cushions with special reclining comfort for complete Relaxation
    (back roll in the lower lumbar region offsets extra depth in the seat cushion)
  • Optional high back cushions with a second roll for extra high-back comfort
  • 2 upholstery grades: Lounge Deluxe or Lounge Plus
  • 2 seat heights: 41 cm or 44 cm
  • Metal feet in surface varieties RAL 9017 traffic black, RAL 7022 umbra grey or ochre-beige metallic
  • Made in Germany
  • Design: labsdesign