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We sat down with Dalaun of Lakeshore Interiors to get his top picks from the 2023 Gloster Outdoor Collection. Known for his signature lux spaces across BC, Calgary and all the way to Australia, Dalaun shares what inspires his curated selection.



BORA collection

“The mid-century feel of how the teak frames are designed stand out to me as a piece that will last the test of time.”

“I love the idea of having four lounge chairs around a cocktail table. The complimenting dining chair paired with the teak and ceramic Kasha dining table brings the space to an elevated look and feel.”

KAY collection

“The fan look of the collection invokes relaxation. Just imagine yourself with a good book and your feet up, whether it be on the chaise, a rocker or sofa.”

“The blending of materials with the different fabric options and the choice of high or low back give this collection many looks.”

GRID collection

“I love the modern minimalistic feel of Grid. With the different modules and combinations of teak, aluminum and ceramic, this collection can truly fit into any space.

“A bonus with the waterproof material means you can use this beautiful collection year around.”


DECK dining table

“This is my favourite dining table because of the elegance, feel and look. It’s reminiscent of a yacht deck and blends with any dining chair that Gloster has in the lineup.”

deck gloster
Gloster ambient lantern led

AMBIENT lighting collection

Gloster’s Ambient collection features eight unique lighting designs that encompass portable lanterns, floor and table lamps, and hanging pendants.

“It’s simply the best mood lighting for any outdoor space. The rechargeable LED light is paired with designs that feature teak, aluminum, woven wicker or glass that make one stunning accessory.”

OMADA collection

“This collection allows for the freedom to create each space or recreate the space for different occasions.”

“The excellent craftsmanship in the woven material and endless possibilities for covering options stand out to me.”

gloster omada