By Maia Odegaard

Functional, yet on-trend pieces are the first step towards productivity. Click here to view the original Western Living Magazine article.

With more and more opportunities to work remotely, the home office (or that corner of the living room where your desk lives) is increasingly important in our daily lives. And what better way to get to work than with a refresh of your office space? Not only will a few beautifully designed, highly functional pieces inspire you to conquer your to-do list in style, but carefully selected items (like those available at Ginger Jar) incorporating the latest technology will ensure ergonomic comfort.

The Desk

A sleek, height adjustable desk, with sit and stand functionality, allows you to literally think on your feet, or kick back in a comfortable office chair while you work—the choice is yours. The Kronos with its mezzanine shelf and wire management ledge will also aid you in keeping your workspace neat and tidy. Bonus: standing desks promote good health by giving your body a break from sitting and increases blood flow.

Many of us are no longer chained to a desktop computer, opting for a sleek and portable laptop instead. If space is at a premium and you’re free from the shackles of a CPU, consider a compact laptop desk that incorporates seamlessly into your cool Vancouver condo.

If you’re working with an unconventional room layout or you simply love to customize your space, pick and choose modular pieces that work best for your needs, including shelves, desk, drawers and cabinets.

The Chair

An excellent office chair is worth its weight in gold, especially if you spend long periods of time sitting at your desk. Stressless office chairs combine the ergonomic design, comfort and style of the traditional Stressless recliner, plus they feature the innovative internal architecture that automatically adjusts to support your head and lumbar while you move. Take the London Office Chair, it’s modern and immensely comfortable and can be customized as a high- or low-back version in a beautiful range of fabric and leather colours to suit any design scheme.

The compact and rounded-back Calligaris New York Hydraulic Stool (also available in an office chair) may be the right choice for your needs if you’re using a height adjustable desk—you can even customize the leather upholstery to suit your style.

The Lighting

Shed a little (or a lot of) light on your workspace with the original Z-Bar Desk Lamp, which offers an energy-saving LED head that pivots in any direction to focus light. As well, it has the ability to dim its light if needed. Its powerful light and modest footprint mean it illuminates without adding clutter to your desk.

Another option is the brand new Splitty with its unique joint design.  This perfectly diffused light source with hidden LEDs performs as a functional task light as well as radiant ambient light.  And if you notice your phone battery dying while you’re working, just plug it into the standard USB port for a convenient charge.

The Storage

Get organized in style with a modern, functional credenza. In addition to its contemporary style, it features locking castors, allowing it to move with ease, plus adjustable shelves. File drawers can also be locked to keep valuables private and safe.

If you’re working with a smaller space, consider rolling filing cabinets that can be tucked away when not in use. Additionally, maximize vertical space that would otherwise be unused, and install shelving or even a desk that can be folded against the wall, leaving more room for after work activities.

Another important aspect of a home office is cord management. The more organized and clutter-free your cords are, the more productive your space functions. Many of our desks include thoughtful features like keyboard drawers, wire management channels, magnetic back panels and even built in power strips that help keep cables off of the floor and out of sight.

The Space

Condo dwellers, rejoice! There are lots of great options for those who don’t have a dedicated home office and are making do with some creative reorganization instead. If an entire desk is out of the question, there are small laptop tables (some even have wire management like Tender and Alpha) that turn any seat into a workstation and can be tucked away discretely, or can double as an end table.

Pieces that do an assortment of jobs are great ways to maximize the utility of a smaller space. A coffee table like the Mascotte, can be raised to desk height, lowered to sit in front of the couch, and even extended as a dining table to accommodate up to six guests, making it a highly practical piece.