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Gloster Furniture: Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space with Timeless Designs

Explore Gloster’s premium outdoor product range, seamlessly blending modular seating, dining sets, lounge essentials, outdoor lighting and decorative pieces. Elevate your outdoor space with luxurious Sunbrella fabrics, refined and durable finishes, and their signature plantation teak craftsmanship. We encourage you to mix and match within Gloster’s extensive range of diverse and complimentary outdoor furniture collections to create your outdoor oasis.

Slow Down and Embrace the Outdoors

In a world accelerating in pace and complexity, the demand for moments of quality time and personal space grows too. Gloster invites you to slow down and embrace enduring beauty in your outdoor spaces, letting your furniture create the perfect outdoor oasis. Committed to lasting quality, Gloster employs only the finest materials and techniques.

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Handcrafted Teak, Luxury Outdoor Furniture

With roots dating back to the 1960s, Gloster’s continued commitment to being premier outdoor furniture creators has endured. For over 700 years, teak has stood as the prized hardwood for quality outdoor furniture. Each Gloster teak furniture is sourced from meticulously managed Indonesian teak plantations and subjected to rigorous inspection for enduring quality. Teak, with its fine grain and abundant natural oils, boasts remarkable durability, resilience against rot, and near immunity to the elements – making it the exclusive and unparalleled timber choice for Gloster outdoor furniture.

Artisanal Mastery Redefining Outdoor Living

At Gloster, fine craftsmanship is synonymous with the brand. Gloster outdoor furniture is a testament to meticulous artistry, far from the realm of random mass production. Every curved corner and joint bears the imprint of human hands, showcasing the years of expertise and skills of dedicated wood and upholstery craftsmen.

Harvesting Sustainability, From Seed to Seat

Pioneers in ethically grown and harvested teak outdoor furniture, each Gloster teak tree follows a life cycle of at least 50 years, and the origin of their wood can always be meticulously traced. Gloster outdoor furniture ensures that every part of the teak tree is used. Their Indonesian facility prioritizes environmental consciousness, actively recycling materials throughout the production process.

At Gloster, Tradition Meets Tomorrow

Gloster seamlessly blends its rich history and tradition with a vibrant present that resonates with us all. The entire Gloster range speaks a language of familiarity, inviting customers to forge a personal connection with their furniture. The finished product is an impeccable heirloom – designed and built to pass down from generation to generation.

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Collaborative & Inspired Designs

Gloster collaborates with globally acclaimed designers, like Henrik Pedersen, to craft timeless, quality outdoor furniture. Known for his refined touch, use of exquisite materials, and the distinctive clarity in his furniture designs., Henrik’s collections for the premium outdoor brand include the Gloster Grid and Gloster meteor Carver, to name a few.

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Discover the Allure of Gloster's Timeless Outdoor Living

Visit our year-round Gloster showroom at Ginger Jar Furniture. Unearth the harmonious blend of colour, textiles, designs, and materials that define the essence of the Gloster range. Our curated furniture collection features the best selling and latest Gloster designs. Because our West Coast outdoor season is short, we stock select Gloster collections so you can enjoy summer faster and longer. Notably, with Gloster, custom, premium, high-quality outdoor furniture can be ready to enjoy in less than 12 weeks. Visit BC’s largest Gloster showroom and work with one of our talented Design Consultants, who can lend their expertise to bring your outdoor space to life.

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