DEDON: Iconic Outdoor Furniture for Luxurious Living

Welcome to Ginger Jar Furniture! Vancouver’s premier destination to explore the world of DEDON. With its wide range of outdoor furniture collections, including DEDON lounge chairs, dining sets, sofas, lanterns and planters, DEDON caters to every outdoor settings, from cozy patios to luxurious poolside lounges. DEDON is celebrated for its use of a revolutionary fiber, skillfully woven by artisans on the Philippine island of Cebu, to bring you some of the most iconic outdoor pieces on the market today.

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DEDON Iconics: Handcrafted Masterpieres

Look familiar? You have probably seen these iconic outdoor pieces while on vacation at your favourite resort. The DEDON Nestrest transforms the ordinary garden sofa into a miniature architectural marvel, creating a secluded, suspended nest-like sanctuary that cradles you in a gentle rocking embrace. Sharing the same structural elements, the DEDON Swingrest, with its basket-like bototm, is in a class of its own. What about the best selling DEDON Mbrace collection? Honoured with awards, the DEDON Mbrace is cherished for seamlessly integrating teak and woven fiber. DEDON’s iconics are not only beautiful but invite you to live outdoors.

DEDON's Luxurious Fiber: Innovation in Every Strand

DEDON is best known for its proprietary fiber, researched, developed and tested in Germany. The eco-conscious DEDON fiber stands unmatched in the industry in strength, durability, weather resistance, and the luxurious qualities of color, texture, and touch. Not only is the fiber recyclable, but it is also non-toxic. DEDON uniquely possesses and oversees both furniture and fiber production. This integration enables DEDON to unite fiber specialists with world-class designers, fostering the creation of inventive fiber colors, profiles, and textures every season.

dedon swingrest lounge chair

Artfully Crafting Dreams & Weaving Wonders

Each woven DEDON lounge chairs is unique and one-of-a-kind. Skillfully handcrafted by the world’s best weavers and master artisans of Cebu, Philippines, DEDON has leveraged their global aclaim to elevate the brand and its original designs.

Quality Materials for Lasting Luxury

From it’s proprietary fiber to exquisite outdoor fabrics to Ferrari Batyline® to Italian aluminum, every element reflects DEDON’s dedication to excellence. Rigorous quality controls are enforced at each stage of our furniture production.The outcome? Enduring luxurious furniture.

Collaborations with World-Class Designers

DEDON collaborates with some of the world’s leading designers, like Stephen Burks, Sebastian Herkner and Toan Nguyen. This culminates in a portfolio of award-winning, innovative, and exclusive outdoor furniture designs that are inspired by the world’s places, people and stories.

Creating DEDON atmospheres across the hospitality sector

You can find DEDON outdoor furniture in some of the most high-end projects around the world – from hotels, pools, spas to restaurants. The commitment to design and produce long-lasting weatherproof outdoor pieces is why DEDON is the obvious choice within the hospitality industry, from our very own Whistler all the way to South Africa.

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DEDON at Ginger Jar Furniture: Elevating Excellence for Those Who Demand the Finest

At Ginger Jar Furniture, we’re here to help you select the right DEDON pieces for your residential or commercial project, no matter the scale. DEDON outdoor furniture is not only easy to maintain and clean, but can withstand the toughest West Coast weather conditions. And because they passionately manage every facet of the creation of their woven products, you can be assured of the unparalleled levels of quality and value. We stock select DEDON outdoor collections in our North Vancouver warehouse that are ready for immediate delivery. Custom order your DEDON outdoor furniture in less than 16 weeks. Visit our North Vancouver showroom and see the beauty and allure of the DEDON collections and finishes yourself.

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